It was just announced that Leonard Cohen has won the $50,000 Glen Gould Award. CBC said that his song "Hallelujah," has been covered by over 150 artists.
  - 2011-04-01        (It is true; this is not an April Fool's joke!)  
You say, Gaddafi, we say Qaddafi. Other variations on the leader of Libya include "Gathafi," "Kadafi," and "Gadafy," creating an unholy mess for newspaper editors.
However one spells his name, he/it is still a mass murder & serial killer. (I say "it" because one can hardly call him human.)  
I wince when I hear television news-anchors report news in the present tense. Thinking about why they do that and where the practice came from, I wondered if it may be to try to inject excitement, and then I thought that it likely began in "cop-shop" jargon, when police exchange stories. Journalists probably picked it up from police...(Ugh!)
Life imitating art...
Kiro TV, Spokane, just reported that an 18 year old student, walking to school in the rain, his hoodie pulled up, listening to his iPad, was hit from behind by a train and killed.

There is a song by John Prine...Bruised Orange 
Album: Great Days: The John Prine Anthology

(Chain of Sorrow)

My heart's in the ice house come hill or come valley
Like a long ago Sunday when I walked through the alley
On a cold winter's morning to a church house
just to shovel some snow.

I heard sirens on the train track howl naked gettin' nuder,
An altar boy's been hit by a local commuter
just from walking with his back turned
to the train that was coming so slow.

You can gaze out the window get mad and get madder,
throw your hands in the air, say "What does it matter?"
but it don't do no good to get angry,
so help me I know 

For a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter.
You become your own prisoner as you watch yourself sit there
wrapped up in a trap of your very own
chain of sorrow.

I been brought down to zero, pulled out and put back there.
I sat on a park bench, kissed the girl with the black hair
and my head shouted down to my heart
"You better look out below!"
Hey, it ain't such a long drop don't stammer don't stutter
from the diamonds in the sidewalk to the dirt in the gutter
and you carry those bruises to remind you wherever you go.  

Lyrics here:
Videos here:
Besides John Prine, I also love Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot, Steve Goodman, Paul Simon, Hoyt Axton, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Garth Brooks, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, among others. They are all wordsmiths/poets/troubadours extraordinaire; although Dylan and Cohen are in a league of their own.
Each year in Canada there are about 25,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
In Canada, about 4,300 men die each year from prostate cancer.  
In the early 1900s there were more electric cars than gas-combustion powered cars.
Then gas-powered engines became more efficient and gas engines became more popular because they would power a vehicle further distances.
Electric engines did not reenter the market until the early 1990s and are just now, in 2011, beginning to be useful and available.
A Tesla electric car can go over 200 miles on a single charge.  
       - Speed Channel    2011-04-02
  What Montel Williams is saying is that sexuality is bad and a 13-year-old girl is not allowed to enhance herself and be appealing to men. He is saying that it is acceptable to use violence to control budding female sexuality. The violence is okay and the sexuality is bad? I think he needs to think on these is perverse. What he is saying and thinking is a result of the sexual repression and ignorance all too common in the world. The sexual repression is, in large part, a knee-jerk reaction stemming from our violent past.
  Muslims in Afghanistan are upset because some half-wit preacher in the USA burned a Koran.
  After prayers today they burst into a UN compound and killed seven people.
  It sounds absurd beyond ignorance and idiocy to go on a killing rampage right after worship.
  Their beliefs are perverted and obscene. They give Islam and all Muslims a bad name.
  People "believe" anything they choose to believe; however, belief is vain...
  If they could learn to just keep an open mind, we would have more peace and much less bloodshed in the world.
  That might make God/Allah happy?
  The development of the Scientific Principle heralded the beginning of the end of religion as people once knew it.
  The scientific principle exposed many of the church's claims as uncredible; mere phantasma.  
1-888-713-9320 Rogers TV ad about the "Simple Connect Package" for "People like us."
Who are "People like us?"
Is it age discrimination, or is it for mentally handicapped people, or just for ignorant people? I am 60 years old; however, I am not stupid.
I desperately need to purchase a new mouse and a metal "swing-arm" (25 - 30 inches).   

Addendum: She has a well-defined philtrum and skin as smooth as a cloudless sky.

This is the last two verses to the song...

"To Beat the Devil," by Kris Kristofferson

  And you still can hear me singin' to the people who don't listen,
To the things that I am sayin', prayin' someone's gonna hear.
And I guess I'll die explaining how the things that they complain about,
Are things they could be changin', hopin' someone's gonna care.

I was born a lonely singer, and I'm bound to die the same,
But I've got to feed the hunger in my soul.
And if I never have a nickle, I won't ever die ashamed.
'Cos I don't believe that no-one wants to know.
Whenever I see her, my tart-rate goes up exponentially.  
  I like a light tan colored skin on a female. I am not a fan of dark tans, or black skin or very white skin. I prefer Caucasian women; however I also appreciate Indian, Asian and some native ethnic populations such as that of the Polynesians and south and central Americans. I love shades of blonde up to dark brown; however I tend to dislike black hair. I once photographed a girl who was born in North Vietnam. I toyed with her black hair, after asking her permission, and I found it to be extremely silky and much heavier than I ever imagined or anticipated; so it is not the hair I dislike as much as it is the color. I'm not a fan of black because it is too concealing. I once had a black cat and I called her "BB" short for "black beauty." I really loved that kitty. My tastes are personal and are not black and white, but rather, they are hues and shades.
  I diskile tatoos but I am neutral on scars. Scars represent life experiences and tatoos are like painting grafitti on beauty. Tatoos on males...I could care lass...tatoos on females, I despise. Peircings that are obvious like eyebrows and noses, and that cause a female to look less symetrical are also a bad idea, in my opinon. I like earrings as long as there are not more than two or three per ear. I am relatively neutral about navel piercings, and I find tounge piercings to be rather sexy. For the most part, I think messing with female perfection is blasphemous, like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.  
When the state executes a person for committing a henious crime, the state becomes as guilty as the perpetrator of the original crime.
Life needs be sanctified if we want to reduce the homicide rate. Death is an easy out for perpetrators of henious crimes.
If it were up to me I'd suggest we merely remove all the pleasures and accoutrements of humanity from these people.
A padded cell, with a sink and toilet, just enough food, heat, and light to sustain life...and nothing more...until they die, become a saint, or kill themselves...the latter being most likely.
After a few well publicized suicides by biting through a vein, many fewer henious crimes would be committed.
It would also save the prison system/taxpayers a great deal of money.
As it stands, in the USA, it costs more money to sentence a person to the death penalty than to house and feed them for life.

    Characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder may include:[3]
    Apparent lack of remorse[4] or empathy for others
    Persistent lying or stealing
    Cruelty to animals[5]
    Poor behavioral controls — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper
    A history of childhood conduct disorder
    Recurring difficulties with the law
    Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others
    Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights
    Inability to tolerate boredom
    Poor or abusive relationships
    Irresponsible work behavior
    Disregard for safety
An average New York Times daily newspaper contains more information than a person in the 15th century would have encountered in a lifetime.
If a President of the USA does not follow his doctor's orders, the Secret Service has no choice but to appeal to a higher authority...the First Lady...then they usually get compliance.
   - History Channel    "The President's Book of Secrets,"    2011-04-04
CBC Newsworld is reporting on a new type of exercise regieme. Typically, a fit person will workout an hour per day 3-4-5 times per week. Now, it seems the same benefit can be achieved in 20 minutes per day 3-4-5 times per week. The key is to work beyond one's comfort range for a minute, then recuperate for a minute, and then another hard workout for a minute, then easy, and so on, for 10 repetetions...20 minutes.
They also reported that 85% of Canadians do not meet even the minimal fitness regieme requirements; a lack of time is most often cited as the primary reason for not exercising.
Sexy is to sexual as flirting is to f*cking.
(Defining flirting as "amourous behavior without serious intent.")
A teacher checking homework said, "Students [people] do what you inspect, not what you expect."
              - from TV
The April 29, 2011, marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to draw a TV audience of two billion people; one-quarter of all people on earth.
The marriage of Charles and Diana drew an estimated seven-hundred-fifty million viewers.
          - CBC Newsworld     2011-04-06
Stephen Harper is slick like a snake-oil salesman. He had as a top personal advisor, a man previously convicted of multiple financial improprieties. Harper challenged Ignatief to a one-on-one debate, and then when Ignatief called his bluff, Harper weasled out of it. He's  taking Canada in an Americanized direction, and then accusing Ignatief of being in Canada only for the glory. Conservatives lie; how can Canadians not see through Harper? Just because he is so slick and sleazy; a passive-aggressive "little Hitler." I find him repulsive. I look at him and he is slithering here or there. He makes me squirm, and my "phoney-meter" goes off the gague.
The RCMP have apologized for acting as "bouncers" during Conservative political rallys. The police barred a woman who had been at NDP and Liberal rallys from entering a Conservative rally. So now I'm wondering if Stephen Harper will pull a Moumar Kadafi and hire cheerleaders and thugs to cheer for him and to keep non-Conservatives out. He cares little enough for the poor, disabled, sick, or unfortunate; he has a rha-rha, rich and powerful, big business, american-leaning psyche.
The Conservatives put a video of Harper singing John Lennon's song "Imagine," with a young oriental girl from Vancouver, onto the Internet, but then had to remove it due to "Copyright Infringement." The rights to the song are owned by Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow. 
I say Stephen Harper is slimy and scary...
Do I repeat myself?
Very well then, I repeat myself...
I am serious. This is important.
A Liberal candidate in Quebec, an ex-judge, has made controversial comments saying some sexual assaults may not require jail time. He said, "There are assaults and then there are assaults."
Many people are upset about his statement. I think the Judge was simply pointing out that there are degrees of criminal activities. Shoplifting a chocolate bar is not the same as stealing the life savings of an older, retirement-age person. So it is with sexual assault. A non-violent sexual assault is not in the same league as a viscious, brutal, sadistic, gang-rape. The first instance, having sex with an inebriated date, for example, is a transgression because it violates the other person's sanctity of self. The sex is a secondary, less serious violation, the fundamental violation is in not respecting the other person's right to choose; so it is with most non-violent rapes. Violent rapes on the other hand cause fear, panic, pain, and, on the part of the perpretrator, a pleaure in another's continued sufferring. Three factors enter into a violent rape. The worst is the transgression of the sanctity of self that each person need be accorded. The second is the physical trauma inflicted on the victim. A tertiary element is the actual sex involved. To many people my thinking is twisted, I understand that...however, the sex is only as bad as we make it out to be. We are burdened with an ignorant, sexually repressed culture, and so we tend to blow the sexual elements into much greater physhological mountains than necessary.
I'm just wondering what percentage of women would like to have a set of nude photographs of themselves when they were young and in full blossom.
I expect that many husbands would like such a set of photographs of their wife. Few women retain their youthful beauty after giving birth.
      - aq    2011-04-08
For Cristina model at

If Cristana hopes to become wealthy by virtue of her beauty, she need to better understand what it is about her that others find so beautiful.
Much research has been done on the nature of beauty...
The primary characteristics that attract people are a healthy body and clear unblemished skin.
The most average looking person is seen as the most beautiful; consequently, a lack of distinguishing features is a major contributing factor in what people are attracted to.
Most people do not consciously consider why they see someone as being beautiful; however, they are heavily infulencd by particular unconscious factors.
Two important considerations are symmetry, two sides of a person being exactly the same, and good proportion, based on what we think of as average.
If Cristina wants people to see her at her most beautiful she needs to consider her symmetry.
I would suggest that she should first lose the stud in her nose.
If she keeps her bangs long but parts her hair in the middle, she will look her best.
Beyond that, she needs to try and be as natural as possible.
She must not pluck her eyebrows or grow her fingernails long. Also, she need not wear a bra.
If Cristina follows this simple and straightforward advise, I think she can attain the status of world-class supermodel, if that is something she wants to do.
If she would like, I can write an introduction letter and send it along with a 'Powerpoint' presentation, to some modelling agencies in New York.
I hope she learns to speak English well. If she would like some tutoring from a distance, I would be honored to assist her.
I can be found on the 'Net: 'Allmen F. Quester' on Facebook, or 'Allmen Quester' on Flickr, or she can email me at ''.
        - aq    2011-04-08
Butt like a heart, but like a heart.
If a sneeze is spelled "aah-chew," then let me look, aah-chew!
Watching NASCAR on TV, the announcer said, speaking of racing at Talladega superspeedway,
"Any lap of this race could be the one you remember for the rest of your life."
Personally, I will never forget the last lap at the 2001 Dayona 500; it claimed the life of one of my heroes, Dale Earnhardt.
from the VHR Stockcar Racing logo:
"Powered by passion."
A very pretty young girl who models for a website will have male fans aged 12 or 13 to over age 100.
With all the people connected to the 'Net chances are that the pretty young models will also have many female fans.
           - aq 2011-04-10
A dead soldier's prayer:
"You who live must ensure the world is a place worth having died for."
Today is the 94th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge.
My maternal Grandfather was mustard-gassed in the battle of Vimy Ridge. 
The mustard gas did not kill him but it badly damaged his lungs.
My Grandfather was awarded a medal for his actions in this battle.
I think his medal was the Silver Cross.
        - aq     2011-04-10
Young people, representing youth, have larger eyes compared to body size, than adults.
This is why men like a face with large, bright eyes.
Men are drawn to such faces because they unconsciously equate youth with fertility.
Whoever said, "Youth is wasted on the young," spoke with truth and wisdom.
                 -aq            2011-04-10
Some governments make de-mock-racy of a democracy.
Some governments claim to be a democracy, but they make de-mock-ery of the word.
There is a floating debris island in the Pacific caused by the Japan tsunami.
The debris covers an estimated 2 million square miles, about twice the size of Ontario.
Debris is expected to arrive on the west coast in about three years.
It is expected that there will be feet in shoes washing ashore.
The shoes act as insulation and flotation devices while the body deteriorates more quickly.
Love and leather go together like a whisper and a whimper.