Overheard on TV     2011-03-10  "I wouldn't spit on her if she were on fire!"
The largest earthquake to hit Japan in over 300 years, 9.0 magnitude, is just now being reported on TV.  It generated several large tsunamis. It looks horrendous. Much carnage and many fires. It struck 124 km NE of Japan at a depth on 24 meters, a shallow depth for an earthquake.
  It is the seventh largest earthquake in recorded history. Horrid; makes me fear for the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.
  The Japan tsunami reach as high as 30 ft in some places. Tsunami warnings have been issued for the entire pacific rim. Tsunami waves move at 800 km/hr.
The earthquake expected off the west coast of North America is projected to generate tsunamis as high as 80 - 100 ft.
The earthquake in Japan shifted the earth's axis by 10 cm and shortened the length of a day by one millionth of a second. It also moved the island of Japan 8ft to the east.
         - CTV National News     2011-03-12
  It is estimated that about 21,000 people died from the tsunami.
  It is estimated there is about $245 billion in damages.
  There are unsafe amounts of iodine and cesium in milk, produce, and water near the six damaged nuclear reactors.
  Hightened radiation levels have been measured in Tokyo, and some radiation has even drifted as far as the west coast of North America.
    When Americans elected George W. as President, I felt embarrassed for them; talk about advertising your ignorance! Then Canadians elected Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. So, naturally, I then felt embarrassed to be a Canadian. Now, the Conservatives are spending millions of dollars to air attack-ads against Michael Ignatif; so now I am embarrassed for the Conservatives as well. On a side note: Can someone tell me why the Conservative Party in B.C. is called the Liberal party?
    Al fresco is an Italian term meaning "to dine outside." 
   The Global News Morning News crew asked its audience for comments about a soccer ad they had aired which showed body painting and much skin of a male soccer player.
  A viewer made a comment that if the ad bothered people then, "They should go to Europe for a 'real eye-opener.'"
       Global Morning News        2011-03-16 
    The philosophy professor asked me what I felt when I had a girl to model for me and I picked her up for an afternoon of modeling. I replied that I felt a 'joie de vivre,' like an inner effervescence or bubbling of joy, excitement, and expectation.
I must interject here to say that I photographed females from 1973 until 1993. I also recorded video of females from 1988 until 1995. I have not photographed nor videotaped any females since 1995. That was 16 years ago.
I ended up a political prisoner in the war against sexuality. The entrenched patriarchy and subsequent  misogyny is a tough battle to fight. Most people are so brainwashed and spiritually dead that it is nearly impossible to catalogue their erroneous beliefs and even more difficult to awaken a glorious harmony of hope for humanity within them.
    Many of the girls of Europe, especially Russia, and of Japan and  Brasil, have become quite wealthy by modeling and having a website where people can pay to subscribe to the site and have access to photographs of the girl(s). Some of these girls have fans all over the world and are famous among people who enjoy such pictures.
    It is incumbent upon men to treat almost all females with deference and respect. Those females who are violent and project uncontrollable rage may be distained, but they still need be accorded  the sanctity of self.
    You need not believe nor dis-beleive me; instead, try to understand what I am saying. 
    The word "pornography" is derived from the word "pornocracy."
  "Pornocracy" was a saterical term derived from the word "democracy."
  Ancient Greek city-states were "democracies," although women and slaves were prohibited from voting for the city officials.
  Because prostution was legal, many of these elected officials were in the habit of visiting their favorite prostitute(s).
  As happens, these prostitutes developed control over some city official(s) and threatened to withhold sexual favors unless, for example, a statue of the Goddess Diana was erected in the city square.
  The statue was erected and the city official was back in his favorite prostitutes' favor.
  People throughout Greece began to satirically refer to these city states as "pornocracies" rather than "democracies."
  The word "porno" is an old Latin word meaning "the actions of harlots."
  The word "graphia" is an old Latin word meaning "the depiction of."
  Therefore the word pornography literally means, "The depiction of the actions of harlots."
  In other words, the depiction of any sexual activity.
  "Pornography" is not the same as "obscenity."
  Something that is obscene is that which is an insult to our integrity and dignity as human beings.
  "Pornography" is a depiction of sexual activity.
  Sexual activity is a life-affirming state of being and is a very natural part of being human.   
    I can convert and communicate complicated philosophical concepts using a collection of words in a concise and calculating manner. 
    On one of his talk shows on TV a few years ago, Montel Williams said that if he ever caught his 13-year-old daughter wearing make-up he would be scrubbing her face in the sink so fast that she wouldn't hardly know what was happening. In Afghanistan a female must ask permission before leaving her house. Speaking to my daughter regarding the possibility of my  grandaughters modeling on the Internet as a means of generating income, as so many thousands of other females do, she said, "No, their father would never allow it." In Saudi Arabia women  are not allowed to drive nor possess a driver's license. Many "western" people think that a provocative or nude picture of a child is pornographic. In many Muslim countries females must wear a hijab or burkkha to cover their head and/or face.

All these examples of the subjugation of females is as a result of people confusing sex and violence. We glorify violence and we vilify sexuality and that is backward. Sex never hurt anyone, it is a completely natural part of being human. It is the willingness to cause pain and suffering and the actions that cause the pain and suffering, that need to vilified. Vilify violence and glorify sexuality and we will have a much healthier culture. Honor anothers' sanctity of self. Cultivate empathy...

Sexual repression and violence are co-dependent while sexual affirmation and non-violence are co-inhabitants. People bemoan the violence against women; it is because we vilify sexuality and women represent the epitome of sexuality. Women are obviously sexual in a way that men are not; women have breasts, women menstrate, they get pregnant...they cannot cloak that part of themselves in the same way a man can. When one sees a man one cannot tell whether he is sexually active or possibly even a virgin; not so with pregnant women or mothers... they are obviously sexual beings. Women cannot hide nor escape their femaleness nor their sexuality. Men can easily hide, mask, or even escape their sexuality.

In our prisons, even non-violent sexual offenders are treated as lower than low; however, violent offenders are treated with more respect and are at the top of the pecking order because they are seen as "real men." Examples of this type of thinking abound in the world. Muslims are obviously the worst offenders in the attempt to subjugate females; however, the western world has a way to go before we accept the sexual elements inherent in females. It is this patriarchal system, subjugating sexuality, subjugating females, fostering mysogony, that is responsible for the prevelance of violence against females. If we can learn to celebrate this gift of sexuality, then we will begin to treat all females with the deference and respect that they deserve.

Just remember, the war is not against women, the war is against sexuality. Women represent sexuality and so suffer the violence perpetrated against them and that which they represent. The attitudes toward females exhibited by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the attitudes toward females exhibited by this North American, puritanical culture differ only in degree. Both are perverse. We have a long way to go before we become truly "civilized."

Spread the word... 
  The narrator on a Conservative attack ad is deriding Michael Ingatif.
  The narrator's voice drips with smarmy sarcasm.
  He reminds me of an ignorant bully who is full of arrogant self-righteousness.
Now another Conservative ad. This one has the "little Hitler" Canadians have for a Prime Minister, bleating his own horn in a smarmy, makes-me-gag, attempt to seem human. The Conservatives pat themselves on the back for Canada's relative economic health, conveniently forgetting that it was Paul Martin as Liberal Finance Minister that steered Canada in such a direction that the Conservatives merely rode the Liberals' coat-tails and left the economy on autopilot; meanwhile, claiming credit.
There are two passions inherent in human beings that trigger a visceral physical reaction. Violence triggers the release of adrenaline into our body and our muscles tighten. Sex triggers the release of endorphines and that makes us feel good. Sex and violence are very often used in the same sentence because they share this physicality within the body. The solar plexus will notiify the brain when this sex/violence chemical and tactile experience is occuring. It is important to learn to recognize, understand, and control one's resopnse to these experiences.

A fundamental difference between people is the way each processes and relates to this visceral inducing information. One's immediate and automatic response is usually physical; however, when one becomes aware of the stirring of these primordial passions, it behoves one to use his/her cognitive reasoning ability to form a measured response to the stimuli. A person needs to formulate a proactive response rather than a reactive response. This helps form the basis for civilized conduct. In a social environment, one must think before acting. In a civil social environment we solve our differences by communicating and negotiating rather than by punching and kicking. In a civil social environment we feel compassion and empathy rather than superiority or inferiority. In a civil social environment we respect another person's sanctity of self; a man does not assult a women just because he finds her sexually desirable.

Most well-adjusted people understand these concepts; however,

Sex and violence are inexorably intertwined but are at odds with each other. Sex is usually a life-affirming activity while violence is usually a life-negating activity.
  Hirsi Ali is a writer, born in Somalia. She was genitally mutilated when she was 5 years old. She is now a crusader to stop the evil practice. She estimates there are 140,000,000 women in the world that have been subjected to this horror. Many girls get infected and are paralyzed or even die. These terrible evils are commited using scissors or a razor blade and do not use any anesthesia. She said, speaking with Joy Behar on HLN, that the practice is done to ensure virginity; however, girls are often subjected to sex and then surgically re-sown-up to close the vagina just befoe a marriage.     2010-06-05
  Clark Howard, HLN money expert, was just talking about the concept of a "Chore Chart," whereby a child receives a monetary payment in exchange for doing chores. The amount paid for each chore is listed on a chart. Kids can begin this mothod to earn money starting at about age 5. It helps teach them that money is something to be earned, rather than something they receive just because they are breathing. The parents are not the "bank," the parents are the "employer."
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